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I used Countdown rolled oats and blueberries in this porridge finger recipe, If you are looking for other baby-led weaning breakfast recipes these are quite popular on my site, Porridge fingers are a great finger food baby oatmeal option. My baby keeps stealing my lunch. [INFOGRAPHIC], Weaning Wisdom: Lessons My Baby Taught Me (Mum Bloggers Dish It!). If you're spoon feeding your baby this is manageable but if you're following baby led weaning it's quite the opposite. Although I'm not entirely sure what the point would be other than a different flavour maybe. After microwaving for 90 seconds, turn over with a fish slice and cook for an extra 30 seconds. Helping babies find their love of food through Baby Led Weaning. Dippers are a great idea for yoghurt or spread on things like rice cakes, oat cakes etc. Cut into fingers … Cook in the microwave for 2 mins on high **. The porridge fingers keep their shape well, so I’ve wrapped them in cling film and taken them out with us for a snack-on-the-go too. For banana porridge fingers, add half a small mashed banana, cook for 90 seconds, turn over and cook for 30 more. In one bowl, add half of a mashed banana. I find they are too soggy after 3 mins, and usually turn them over & give another min. What a great recipe. 6 Healthy Baby Led Weaning Lunch Ideas. These keep for a couple of days. Porridge fingers can be flavoured with all manner of things. Preheat oven to 180C. Bake at 160 fan for 8-10 minutes, or until the cakes are solid and the oats are cooked. What you’re looking for is a very thick porridge, a little on the dry side. Should I reduce milk feeds now that my baby is eating solid food? 2: Scoop into a microwaveable dish with a flat bottom. To make apple and cinnamon fingers, grate a quarter of apple into the mixture and add a pinch of cinnamon. A family favourite. See all badges × This product is … In another, use the handful of chopped berries. Raspberry & Coconut, Apple Pie and Carrot cake. Working mumma here so if I can make a batch for the week it would be amazing, They will store in the fridge for 3-4 days. Solid Foods and Weaning Breastfeeding Formula Feeding BLW recipes Allergies & Intolerances Activity Badge. Mix each of the bowls and check the consistency. It should clump and stick together if you pinch a bit. He has always been a hungry one in the morning, but lately he hasn’t been giving this old standard his usual gusto. Beautiful bibs that combat feeding time mess, The Magic List of Baby-Led Weaning Foods [INFOGRAPHIC], Baby Led Weaning: 12 Ways to Handle the Mess. For this reason, I decided to make a recipe of my own! And lo and behold, it has worked. Grab 3 bowls. Baby Led Weaning Food Ideas For Busy Moms. Because let’s face it porridge or oatmeal is awesome in theory but very messy if you are embarking on a baby-led weaning journey with your munchkin, In my homemade baby porridge post, I speak about why I like rolled oats, oatmeal and porridge as a breakfast cereal for babies, Preparing the oatmeal as a porridge finger means you get all the nutritional benefits of the rolled oats, but with far less mess. Press the oat mix down into the dish with the back of the spoon and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes on high. I share how to make your own homemade baby porridge in an earlier post, Quick oats and baby oatmeal all start off as traditional rolled oats, they are just chopped up into smaller pieces, Steel-cut oats will not work in this recipe, Below is a picture of Esme at 10 months old enjoying these porridge fingers. If you've decided to try baby-led weaning, coming up with new and imaginative mealtimes can be tricky. I would say 20 minutes, but I would check after 15 mins, it will depend a bit on how thin you make them. Porridge fingers are one of the ultimate baby led weaning finger foods. You can certainly bake oats and end up with a firm finger food texture as well but I find for a small batch of porridge fingers the microwave is the easiest way. A perfect breakfast for baby led weaning babies. Looks like he just needed a little (illusion of) variety! Porridge Fingers. Suitable from 6 months + I actually use a silicone divided baby plate to cook my porridge fingers. How long would you bake these in the oven if you don’t have a microwave? She was able to manage these fingers from 6 mths old, although when she was this young I did make them using my homemade baby porridge rather than traditional rolled oats so that they had a softer texture, I am an ambassador for Countdown supermarket, which means they support my blog by providing ingredients for recipe creation. Best Baby-Led Weaning Vids, Balanced meals for baby: Nutrition on a plate [INFOGRAPHIC]. Mix 4 tbsp of oats with 4 tbsp of milk in each as the base for your oat bites. Leave to cool, then cut into fingers and serve with the yogurt to dip into. When my youngest was a baby/toddler he just wasn’t interested in eating porridge/oatmeal.Instead, he used to use it as hair gel or catapult it across the kitchen! Quick breakfast french toast finger, perfect for BLW finger food, and loved by toddlers, children and mums and dads! Baby led weaning: this is a form of weaning that allows the baby to feed themselves foods form the outset, no purees or mashed food. In another, use the apple and add a pinch of cinnamon. Once you have made this recipe a few times you will find you can flavour it with all sorts of things. So I tried to mix it up a bit, and by mix it up, I mean serve him almost exactly the same thing but in a new shape! Related Groups. There's a recipe for porridge fingers on the recipe part of the BLW website which are dead easy to make and baby can pick them up with their hands fairly easily. These make a great breakfast for babies and toddlers alike. In another, use the apple and add a pinch of cinnamon. Baked porridge I’ve since searched for them on Pinterest and found some good variations on flavours to try out – carrot cake, apple pie, raspberry and coconut are a few on my list for future versions. Cut in to fingers while still hot and serve when cool. advertisement. In one bowl, add half of a mashed banana. Apple Porridge Fingers Do they store? Toddler & BLW Meals. Have you ever made porridge fingers or heard of them before? BLW Menu. Oct 20, 2017 - An easy recipe for porridge fingers. In a bowl, soak the oats in the milk and apple puree until you have a mushy mixture. The 3 porridge fingers I make most often are banana, blueberry and apple and cinnamon. Silicone Mini Muffin Pan, SySrion 24 Cup Premium Cupcakes Pan Shapes, Non-stick, BPA-free Food Grade Silicon Mold Material, Red, GF Harvest Gluten Free Organic Rolled Oats, 41-Ounce Pouch, Native Forest Organic Classic Coconut Milk, 13.5-oz. Essentially they are an easy way to turn oatmeal into finger food for baby-led weaning. advertisement. Finally, add the peanut butter and mix until a sticky dough is formed. The only (minor) problem with porridge is the mess. In a bowl, soak the oats in the milk until you have a mushy mixture. 2. Porridge Fingers for Baby Led Weaning 3 ways Raspberry, Carrot and Apple 27 reviews Porridge fingers for baby led weaning (BLW) 3 different flavours - raspberry & coconut, apple pie and carrot cake. Mix each of the bowls and check the consistency. A couple of years ago I shared this recipe for 2 Ingredient Baby Weaning Pancakes which has now probably become one of my most popular recipes to date.. To be honest I feel like a bit of a fraud calling it a recipe when it literally just involves mashed banana and egg but I guess it’s the simplicity that makes it so popular! Posted 22/04/2011. Breakfast: Quick Porridge Fingers. Microwave on high for 3 minutes until firm. Some suggest soaking the oats. This recipe takes just a couple of minutes in the microwave, so it’s great if you’re in a hurry. Cut into fingers … The porridge fingers in the images on this post were made with quick oats. These little fingers are a very easy way for a baby just starting out to manage oats – although adults will probably want to stick to ‘real’ porridge. Helping babies find their love of food through Baby Led Weaning. Mix oats, milk and optional vanilla together, if you have time, let them soak for a few minutes as you will get a better result in the end. Press the mixture into a small, flat bottomed dish using the back of a spoon. Line a 19cm by 13cm microwaveable dish with baking paper and pour in the mixture, spreading out so it's even. Porridge fingers are a great finger food baby oatmeal option. In a bowl, mash a banana with a fork. They have gone down so well in our house that I now have to make up a large tray as Miss K (who is almost 4 years) eats them too. Perfect for baby led weaning. Press the mixture into a small, flat-bottomed dish or bowl using the back of a spoon. Ideas to try, share or adapt for your little one's meals. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Get the FREE 5-day course and learn how to wean well. These porridge fingers are soft and squidgy, so lovely for little fingers to pick up. Three tablespoons of porridge oats. Cook in the microwave for 2 minutes. My baby is constantly hungry and milk doesn’t seem to be enough. Porridge fingers or oat bakes are a really simple baby breakfast idea which can be baked in advance, then eaten over a few days. First Foods Fundamentals: A Free BLW eCourse! All my blw recipes are below, but also don't forget to check out my Family Dinner Ideas as your baby may be able to join in the family meal. Mix in the dried fruit and mould into a square shape. Baby Led Weaning Finger Foods On The Go. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir through. Soak the porridge oats in the milk until you have a mushy mixture. Let's Eat: First Foods, Made Easy - Online course, coming soon! ilovetosleep Mon 27-Oct-14 13:39:31. Cut into finger shapes whilst still hot. Mix 4 tbsp of oats with 4 tbsp of milk in each as the base for your oat bites. For this recipe, I find the easiest way to make it is in the microwave. An easy and nutritious baby-led weaning breakfast Quick to make in the microwave … LilAngel1. Cook in microwave for 2mins on high. Cans (Count of 12), The Truth About WHEN to Start Solids with Baby. Cool on a wire rack and serve, or store in an air-tight container. 5 Baby Led Weaning Tips For Success. This is a prime example of how texture and appearance can play a big part in a child’s acceptance of food. Why not try this easy breakfast idea by Dr Rana Conway? Mama (and personal chef) of one: wee man. Cook on high for 2 minutes. Add in the oats and stir together. Crack in an egg and combine. 3. My baby is 7 months old and doesn’t yet seem ready for solids. Seeing is Believing! This post may contain affiliate links. If it’s off, either add more milk or more oats to get it right. Baby-Led Weaning on the Go: Easy Takeaway Ideas! What food size and shape is best for baby? They’ll get a little golden brown on top in the process. Grab 3 bowls. Add the cinnamon and the banana (if using) and mix together. Blw and porridge fingers, dry weetabix etc (9 Posts) Add message | Report. A mainstay of baby-led weaning books and mummy internet lore, those weird floppy flapjacky oats have seen us through so many mornings. Nov 27, 2017 - Three tasty porridge fingers recipes. 1. More information Porridge fingers for baby led weaning (BLW) 3 different flavours - raspberry & coconut, apple pie and carrot cake. Some people refer to quick oats as ‘milk oaties’. An easy and nutritious baby-led weaning breakfast, I use my babies silicon divided plate to cook these as it is a good size, See information above about what sort of oats are best for these porridge finger, Please know this nutrition analysis is based on the ingredients only, this recipe has not been sent to a laboratory for independent testing, Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest, Hey these look great! Ah, the ubiquitous porridge fingers recipe. If you want a very smooth not so chewy texture for these porridge fingers, ie for a young baby just starting their baby-led weaning journey, then making your own homemade baby porridge or oatmeal and using those fine oats in this recipe could be a good idea. A lot less baby led weaning mess than offering porridge in a bowl, but just as delicious! Recipe: Baby's Cannelloni Stuffed with Butternut Squash, Spinach and Ricotta, Recipe: Savoury lentil "cupcakes" with butternut squash. The large traditional rolled oats will give quite a chewy texture, compared to the finer quick oats. Load up a greased mini muffin tin (silicone muffin tins are the best for this, no need for greasing) with the mixes, packing it in quite densely with a teaspoon. I either put berries in them or serve fruit on the side. ... Baby-led Weaning. This recipe is SUPER simple and literally just involves 1 blender and one oven proof dish to make. Plain Porridge Fingers. Present Mixed Foods, Textures, and Finger Foods. In another, use the handful of chopped berries. Time to start solids? For this porridge finger recipe, you can use either traditional rolled oats or quick oats. Most popular blw recipes on my site include my baby-led weaning muffins, baby pancakes , porridge fingers, teething biscuits , and the beef and veggie rissoles Suitable from 6 … A perfect breakfast for baby led weaning babies. Why choose baby-led weaning over spoon feeding purees? These are all things I've made for the family including my almost 3 year old and baby too! Blueberries are an antioxidant superfood, and rich in vitamin C, perfect for your little ones. Download Let's Eat: A Simple Guide to Baby-Led Weaning, Recipe: Baked Oat Bites for Easy BLW Breakfasts, Recipe: Cheesy Quinoa Bites with Tomato & Spinach. However, when I gave him oats in the form of porridge fingers or oatmeal cookies, he was more than happy.. Pour the oats into a small, flat bottomed microwave proof dish and pour over the milk. Porridge gets everywhere! Should I be worried? 1: Mix together the two ingredients and leave for a few minutes for the oats to go mushy. Porridge Fingers for Baby Led Weaning 3 ways Raspberry, Carrot and Apple 27 reviews Porridge fingers for baby led weaning (BLW) 3 different flavours - raspberry & coconut, apple pie and carrot cake. Will give it another go tomorrow. Chicken Pasta Bake Family Friendly Loaded With Vegetables. This quick blueberry porridge is suitable for all ages. But I do have three variations of this recipe that I will share today. 3: Cut into fingers and leave to cool in the tin. The NEW Magic List of Baby-Led Weaning Foods - 2018 Update! October 11, 2020; Mixed Berry Chia Jam. So, don’t expect too much change from the original here, but mayhaps enough change to kickstart your wee one’s appetite as well. I did porridge fingers for DS this morning which he loved and he is dairy free so not too much milk to express! The Baby led weaning cookbook says 3 tablespoons oats, 3 tablespoons milk, pat into the bottom of a flat dish & 3 mins in the microwave. Any small microwave-proof dish will be fine though. Press into the bottom of a small microwave-proof dish, Microwave on high for 40 seconds, check to see if they are cooked (they are cooked when the mixture is firm to the touch and pulling away from the edges of the dish) if the mix has not reached this stage microwave for a further 20 seconds or until cooked, Cool in the dish for a few minutes, remove from dish and slice into fingers, Check they are a safe temperature before giving them to your baby, Blend the blueberries, milk and optional vanilla together, (Continue from step 2 of the Plain Porridge Finger recipe), Follow the steps for the plain porridge fingers, adding the mashed banana at step 1, Follow the steps for the plain porridge fingers, adding the grated apple and cinnamon at step 1. The BLW bible would have you believe that babies can be served a porridge finger made by microwaving three tablespoons of oats with three tablespoons of water in a shallow bowl for three minutes. However, something that seems to be popular, especially with Baby led Weaning parents, is porridge fingers. the recipe is just 3tsb of porridge oats with 3 tsb of milk, microwave for 2 mins, cut into fingers and allow to cool. Thankfully Harry's not fussy ha ha lt81 Baby-led Weaning On Vacation (Part 1) Baby-led Weaning On Vacation (Part 2) I hope these baby led weaning breakfast ideas get you excited and inspired. By this stage, baby is able to share most of the meat, veggies, and fruits we’re already eating at the dinner table. I get my Rolled Oats and Quick Oats from Countdown Supermarkets, they are a great price and excellent quality. 836 likes. Line a baking tray with grease proof paper and dollop tablespoons of the mixture on to it. Mama (and personal chef) of one: wee man. Sign up for First Foods Fundamentals to start your baby-led weaning journey, step-by-step, with lessons delivered to your inbox! Three tablespoons of full fat milk. Does this mean she's ready to wean? Read more about Little Gourmet, Ready to introduce solid foods? The cooked Porridge Fingers . Usually, wee man gobbles them up dotted with some dried apricots, or mixed berries, sometimes with half a banana on the side.

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