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Program Learning Outcomes. Maintenance of the equipment and the treatment room. Molds and models used by dentists. Knowledge of the process of tooth development. In this condensed, intensive 12-week certificate program you will learn how to handle the administrative functions of a dental practice. Familiarization with the workplace. Knowledge of basic communication principles, telephone communication techniques, and concepts of customer service. Familiarization with interview techniques. The Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) program is fast paced, practical, hands-on and simulates the work environment. Scheduling appointments using a management system adapted to a dental clinic. New dental clinic for December 2020 The Dental Assisting program facilities are receiving a complete make-over and returning the clinical portion of the program to Fanshawe's London Campus. The role of a Level II dental assistant involves precise and detailed work in a confined environment, including chairside and laboratory duties, instrument reprocessing as per current IPAC guidelines, maintaining infection control along with intra-oral skills such as selective coronal polishing, oral hygiene instruction, application of pit and fissur… Observing and taking respiratory rhythms. The outcomes and objectives upon which students will learn also include elements of dental assisting practice which are: 1. G… The Certified Dental Assisting Program (distance) is offered on a part time self - paced basis. Polishing and fluoride application. This makes attention to detail, commitment to high standards, good decision-making skills and good communication skills a must. Our ten-month full-time program combines online learning practice and clinical based training to prepare you for a career as a Dental Assistant.. This space will feature a new, state-of-the-art, public dental clinic with a dental radiography suite that includes the latest in digital radiography. Programs provide students with the broad knowledge and in-demand skills they’ll need to take on a variety of responsibilities at dental practices, from cleaning and hygiene promotion to lab work, administration and other assistant tasks. Each term consists of both theory and clinical courses. Preventive Dentistry and Health 8. Obtain third secondary units in first and second language, as well as in mathematics in programs established by the Minister and continue general education simultaneously in order to obtain fourth secondary units in first and second language, as well as in mathematics according to the curriculum established by the Minister. Search 43 Dental Assistant jobs now available in West Island, QC on, the world's largest job site. Copyright ® CDI College, Inc. 1995 - 2019, Click Your Province for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates, Secondary V diploma or its recognized equivalent OR, Be at least 16 years old on the 30th of September of the school year and pass the third secondary units in first and second language, as well as in mathematics according to the programs established by the Minister OR, Be at least 18 years old when entering the program and have the functional prerequisite which is the success of the general development test and the specific prerequisite (Language of instruction 21-02 (2033-1) or 132-308), or the equivalent recognized learning OR. Hot natural teen reality full length Vinyl Queen! Administering first aid in a dental office. Students will work as part of a professional team, alongside the dentist during their field placement. Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) is one of the largest English school boards in Quebec in terms of student enrollment, serving approximately 21,000 students in the Youth sector and approximately 8,700 in its Continuing Education sector. Explaining the importance of prevention in a dentist's office. Our Dental Assistant program provides students with the personal traits, communication, office and assisting skills needed to perform as an effective entry-level dental assistant. Our curriculum and fully operational dental clinic under the supervision of a dentist allows students the opportunity to study all aspects of the dental practice including practice management, chair-side assisting, sterilization, and direct patient care. In their first semester, students are taught the following subjects. Clinical I 7. All students participate in every clinical practicum. Sealing of teeth. Tanya Bernier, program graduate. The program will also develop the skills you need for a variety of intra-oral procedures, including: Theory courses are presented through online activities, lecture, small group discussion, assigned readings and self-study. Polish teeth and appl… Familiarization with job search techniques. Clinical skills are presented in the dental clinic and laboratory. CDI's Dental Assistance -5644 (English) program can help. CDI College's Dental Assisting program is the only private Dental Assisting program in BC that is accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). Our instructors are dental professionals who use their real-world experience to teach students the organizational and communication skills they'll need to succeed in a fast-paced dental office. Participating in the daily tasks of a dental assistant. I’m glad I chose Niagara College and I know the Dental Assisting program was a great choice. Students will learn a variety of skills throughout this dental program, including dental office procedures, basic computer applications, bookkeeping, appointment scheduling and intra-oral procedures… Understanding morphological changes in the digestive system and their causes. The Certified Dental Assisting program (onsite) is offered on a full time basis, over three terms. Identification of the bones and muscles of oral anatomy and their respective functions. Assisting the dentist with dental surgery, orthodontic, and pediatric dentistry. CARING IS SHARING INSPIRATION FROM A TED TALKS. This program is taught in English. Industry experienced educators will teach you how to prepare patients for treatment, assist dentists during treatment, process radiographs, perform infection control procedures, maintain patient records, and other general administrative duties. Assisting the dentist for surgery and prosthodontic care. A full list can be found on the ADA website. Receiving the patient. Students have the opportunity to work on clients in Restorative and Preventive Clinics. 1. Create dental radiographs and images 4. This vocational program leads to a DEP (diplôme d'études professionnelles) recognized by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement Supérieur (MEES) (Permit 528500). The Dental Assistance program will train you to perform chairside assisting procedures and related office and laboratory tasks under the direction and supervision of a licensed dentist. Our Dental Assisting program is an in-depth dental assistant program offering a diverse knowledge base and current practical experience. Address: 1925 Brookdale Ave, Dorval, Quebec, H9P-2Y7, © Copyright 2020 by Lester B. Pearson School Board. Prepare dental instruments and filling materials 2. Graduates are eligible to write the National Dental Assisting Board Exam and are also eligible for certification by the Ontario Dental Assistants Association. Definition of specific terminology. Our instructors are dental professionals who use their real-world experience to teach students the organizational and communication skills they'll need to succeed in a fast-paced dental office. Payment of services and posting to the books. Our instructors are dental professionals who use their real-world experience to teach students the organizational and communication skills they'll need to succeed in a fast-paced dental … Preparation for X-rays. The program provides six weeks of practicum experience in a dental office to provide you with hands-on experience to be job-ready when you graduate. Certified Dental Assistants provide a vital health care service. Problem solving and critical thinking 6. The Board is responsible for a network of 37 elementary schools, 13 secondary schools and 8 Continuing Education Centres. They are trained to assist the dentist during treatment of the patient and are qualified to carry out some procedures on patients under the direction of the dentist. Dental assistants ensure that everything is ready for the day’s treatments, including preparing instruments and materials required by the dentist. Maintenance of the materials and the equipment needed in the treatment room. Certified dental assistants are essential members of the dental health care team; they work hard towards the common goal of providing quality oral care for dental clients. Sterilize dental equipment 3. Maintenance of the equipment and the treatment room. By Luis Delisle December 23, 2020 General. The program provides both comprehensive and intensive education and training leading to a career as a Certified Dental Assistant. Identification of the main lesions of the dental pulp, oral mucosa and periodontitis. Dental Assistant Program Length & Cost in New York Community colleges and technical colleges offer dental assistant training in New York. For more information on the equivalent French-language program go to Dental Assistance - 5144 (French). Knowledge of the main drugs used in dental care and their effects. The bill respecting health and safety at work and the role of CNESST. It’s a client-focused, team-based work environment. Dental assisting programs at Ontario colleges are a great way to fast-track into the dental field. The Intra Oral Dental Assistant program at CDI College in Winnipeg rises above other Dental Assistant schools because of our dedication to our students. This program prepares you to excel in dental assistant jobs. Overview. Camosun College; College of New Caledonia; College of the Rockies ; Okanagan College; University of the Fraser Valley This program prepares you to excel in dental assistant jobs. Orofacial Anatomy 5. Pretty Maphosa talks about her experience in the Dental Assistance program at PACC. In California, graduates will be prepared to take the Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) License Exam. Definition of the terminology. Dental assistants ensure that everything is ready for the day’s treatments, including preparing instruments and … You will be encouraged to collaborate with classmates as you explore dental theory and learn the latest dental techniques. This program is offered in English or French. Dental Assistant: Teamwork helps create winning smiles, Dentistry Library of University of Toronto- blog, The Dental Geek- humorous and useful blog on dentistry and dental assistance, Association des assistant(e)s dentaire du Québec, Secondary 4 Math, English and French recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur or to successfully pass the General Development Test, Patient care duties, such as post operative and oral hygiene instruction, Assisting skills for a variety of dental treatments, Techniques for sterilization and disinfection and preparing treatment rooms, Dental charting and maintaining patient records. Cleaning and polishing of teeth. Educate patients about good habits for effective oral health. I enjoyed going to Niagara College because the faculty have such high expectations all the students. for registration as a Certified Dental Assistant. Installation and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment, Hygiene and Sanitation in Health Care Institutions. Identification of control methods against contamination of equipment and materials. You will learn about dental procedures, handling and mixing materials, sterilization and laboratory procedures, care of dental equipment, and preparation of instruments, operatory and patients. The 10-month (September–June) Certified Dental Assistant certificate program provides you with the opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for employment as a certified dental assistant. Application of assistance techniques related to different treatments. CDI's Dental Assistance -5644 (English)  program can help. Patient education on the use of dental and orthodontic appliances. Knowledge how to assist dentists during specialized procedures (chair-side assistance). Maintenance of the materials and equipment needed in the treatment room. Preparation of the treatment room and materials needed. Currently, 270 programs are accredited throughout the nation. Revision of anatomy, cardiac, and respiratory systems. Confirmation of the professional orientation choice. Knowledge of the regulations concerning biomedical waste. Dental Radiography I 2. Maintain client and personal safety in the practice environment. Explanation of the cavity process in teeth. The Dental Assistance program will train you to perform chairside assisting procedures and related office and laboratory tasks under the direction and supervision of a licensed dentist. San Antonio College, San Antonio. LPN's enjoy rewarding and stimulating careers in the healthcare field. Knowledge of different dental materials. Integration within a dental team. Definition of the terminology and interpretation of abbreviations. Graduates of any of these accredited programs are eligible to sit for national and state-level certification exams. From infection prevention to care procedures, dental sciences and dental practice administration, our program will prepare you to be an important member of the dental health care team. Our dental assistant trainees are some of the most coveted prospective employees out there. Preparation of crowns, wax rings, mouth-guards and night protection. Program Overview Dental assistants play many roles, from chair-side assisting to client education to office reception. Knowledge of the laws governing the practice of dentistry. Students develop the skills, technical knowledge and clinical experience necessary to work in a professional, ethical and collaborative manner in a variety of settings. Graduates work as certified dental assistants in dental offices under the supervision of a … Communication 4. Certified Dental Assisting Programs in BC. Accredited Programs. Knowledge of the principles of teamwork and communication within a team. Safe, ethical and professional practise 3. Professional Ethics 6. The Newfoundland and Labrador dental assistants association is committed to advancing the career of dental assisting and enhancing the profession through education, legislation and professional activities. Identifying the links between main contagious diseases and micro-organisms. Schools seeking accreditation for their dental assistant programs need to receive approval from the Commission on Dental Accreditation, a branch of the American Dental Association (ADA). You will learn about dental terminology, dental office procedures, dental computer software and communication strategies for working with a diverse community of clients. Are you ready to focus your great people skills and attention to detail into a rewarding career in the dental industry? Dental Materials 4. Our dedicated and experienced teachers help you every step of the way as you make your journey from student to professional dental assistant. The Dental Assisting program provides education leading to a career as a Certified Dental Assistant (Levels I and II). Dental assistant training programs usually lasts for a year. This program prepares students to assume a position as a dental assistant / intra-oral health care provider, capable of working with health professionals in a variety of settings. Vancouver Island University’s Dental Assistant Certificate program offers students hands-on training with knowledgeable instruction to prepare them for this fast-paced, growing industry. Local anesthesia methods. Dental Schools – Training Dental Assistants. This is done to maximize learning in conjunction with the program’s theoretical component. We are the only English language public dental assisting program in Quebec. Inventory management. Preparation of the necessary equipment to carry out treatments in dental surgery, orthodontics, pedodontics, surgery, prosthodontics, endodontics, and periodontics. Nutrition I 3. The program introduces you to dental science, the foundation of clinical practice and the skills and theory used by dental assistants. Preparation of the materials needed to perform various dental treatments. Proper reception of the patient. Identification of the properties and uses of different dental materials and products. Learn how to: 1. Collaborative practise/teamwork 5. We have been training dental assistants for over 30 years and we are an integral part of Montreal’s dental community. NAIT’s 2-year Dental Assisting Technology diploma program will give you the hands-on skills necessary to immediately support dentists and hygienists in their practice. Familiarization with the professional behaviors required in the work of a dental assistant. Preparation of the treatment room and equipment needed. Additionally, students must be actively involved in clinical assignments in dental offices. Methods of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. Receiving the patient. Keeping patient records. When patients visit a dental office the dental assistant is usually the first and last person they see. Dental Assistants There are two levels of dental assisting in BC: Certified Dental Assistants (CDA) are trained in diploma courses held in colleges throughout the province. If you opt for a certificate/diploma program, you’ll be in school between 6 and 15 months, and you’ll spend between $2,170 and $41,830. Graduates are prepared for employment opportunities in a dental clinic or in private practice. The quickest option is the dental assisting certificate. To prepare students to provide the services of a certified dental assistant as outlined in the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC) Bylaws under the Health Professions Act of British Columbia. Graduates of the Dental Assistant program will have specialized knowledge, critical thinking and decision-making skills and will have developed and mastered all the technical, professional and interpersonal skills needed to perform within their clinical and administrative scope of practice. Oral assistants are the medical professionals that assist the dental professional and oral hygienists in their daily task of treating dental people. Different Types of Online Dental Assistant Programs There are three types of online programs for dental assisting education: certificate, diploma, and associate degree. Program Description The Certified Dental Assistant program at Okanagan College provides the education, training and experience required by the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. Classification and morphology of the teeth. After completion of the ten-month Dental Assistant program, students must write a national board exam to be eligible to become a Certified Dental Assistant. Resume writing and cover letters. Dental assistant is a financially secure profession and trained professionals are in high demand. San Antonio College is one of the eight institutions in Texas that … This program develops the skills you require to assist dentists using four-handed dentistry techniques. Our state of the art dental clinic is the perfect environment in which to learn. Proper maintenance of the equipment and the treatment room. Preparation of treatment room and materials needed. The importance of proper hygiene in the dental office. Assisting the dentist for endodontic and periodontal care. Preparation of the treatment room and the materials needed. Dental assistants work as part of the oral health team, providing assistance to dentists and dental specialists, carrying out direct patient care and instructing patients in the principles and practices of good oral health. Dental as… Identification of the main treatments in operative dentistry, surgery, pedodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics. Students must be working/volunteering clinically for a minimum of two days (14 hours) per week as a clinical dental assistant in a general practice dental office for the duration of their studies. Dental Assisting Level II is designed to deliver comprehensive training in the roles and responsibilities of the dental assistant in a modern dental practice. Knowledge of the dental assistant profession reality and the training program. Identification of the personal and professional hygiene measures to be used in a dental office. This program was designed to help you pass the National Entry-Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) component exams (AMP, ICE, RHS). Professional conduct 2. Preparation of the treatment room and the materials needed. Association of the main oral problems with diseases of the body’s systems. This program prepares you to excel in dental assistant jobs.

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